technology & distribution

technology: satisfying client demand

Our clients want what they want, when they want it and not a second later. So, that's exactly what we give them with the most sophisticated fashion monitoring technology in retail.

Only Destination Maternity Corporation operates an elaborate one-stop-shop maternity apparel web site. At, moms-to-be can find the largest selection of maternity apparel on the web, including all Destination Maternity Corporation brands. They can also check baby names, load digital baby photos, obtain expert advice and sign up to receive valuable prenatal and pediatric information via e-mail.

Using our TrendTrack™ reporting software, Destination Maternity Corporation stores automatically send daily financial and merchandising data to our proprietary Real-Time Retailing system. This advanced system helps us monitor consumer fashion demand and respond early to trends with express inventory replenishment, swift in-house fashion design, and lightning-quick materials sourcing. Our proprietary system enables us to offer more than 3,000 SKUs per store without dedicating retail space to storage.

Pregnant women need to replace almost their entire wardrobe over the course of different seasons. The bigger the selection, the more satisfied she will be! That's why we offer the largest maternity apparel assortment in the industry in styles that are fresh and up-to-date. How? For starters, we design and contract the production for approximately 90% of our merchandise in a single location. Plus, we coordinate the rapid replenishment of inventory for all of our stores using our United States and Canadian distribution centers.

Our distribution system is one of the most efficient, streamlined operations in retail which enables us to stay nimble in the face of in today, out tomorrow fashion fads. Using proprietary technology,
Destination Maternity Corporation sends individually tailored apparel selections to specific store locations between two and six times per week!

And, technology is the key. Our fully integrated, proprietary enterprise resource planning system links the point-of-sale systems, our TrendTrack™ merchandise analysis and planning system, our materials requirement planning system and our web-based, global sourcing and logistics systems. Together, this multi-channel technology network allows us to offer a broad product assortment, respond quickly to fashion trends, reduce product costs, and replenish inventory quickly in our stores.

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