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When Destination Maternity Corporation was in its infancy, it was simply a mail-order maternity catalog company. Over the last two decades, the company has grown at light speed, now operating four retail store concepts, an online presence, and leased departments in major department stores. But, a mother's work is never done. We stay one step ahead of the times both in fashion and in business by researching and implementing new ground-breaking retail initiatives. Here are just two recent successes.

The All-Inclusive Maternity Shopping Experience
Superstores are convenient, cost-effective, and extremely popular among busy consumers. Why go to several locations when you can get everything you need from one store? Moms-to-be should have the same option. March 2004 witnessed the launch of the first Destination Maternity® superstore designed to indulge the pregnant woman with an enormous offering of every product or service she could possibly want or need. With a focus on the fusion of body, mind, spirit and fashion, the store is more than just a place to purchase maternity essentials! Along with sensational fashion from luxurious A Pea in the Pod Collection, contemporary A Pea in the Pod®, and amazing fashion and prices at Motherhood® Maternity, there are exceptional products to pamper the pregnant woman and stimulating classes to enlighten the mind and condition the body. In addition, these stores offer helpful amenities including a dedicated learning center with maternity related classes, a rest area, and an inside play area for toddlers and young children. Even plasma screen televisions can be found for the entertainment of our clients, taking a temporary break from their shopping experience. As the only national retailer solely focused on maternity, we are setting the industry standard for the maternity shopping experience with these well-assorted superstores.

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