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We reach over 3 million newly pregnant women each year, with over 700 retail store locations. This critical life stage stimulates new brand decisions. We have effective partnership programs that will give you access to our customers and their family.

Direct Mail Program

Our list is the premiere source to help you reach Expectant Women, New Families, and Families with Children - giving you access to over 9 million postal names and annually, approximately 1.2 million postal names of newly pregnant households. These households have signed up to receive relevant messages from our preferred partners, and want to hear from you!

Sampling: "A Gift for Your Baby & You!"

Co-operative in-store program delivering your samples, coupons and booklets to each of our 1.6 million newly pregnant households annually. We have a unique distribution system, ensuring that new customers receive 1 gift bag during their first shopping visit with Motherhood Maternity and Destination Maternity (1 per customer, per pregnancy).

Online Advertising and Promotions

Access to millions of online visitors monthly through brand web sites.

In-Store Customized Programs

Develop a customized program based upon your product/brand needs and seasonal goals and objectives.

International Opportunity

We welcome interest from established proven retail companies with a thorough understanding of retail operations and international brands in their market. Franchising or distribution rights are not granted to individuals or on a single store basis, nor do we operate franchises in either the United States or Canada.

B2B & Third Party Gift Card Program

Learn more about our B2B and third party gift card program by calling 1-877-309-5669 or clicking here to email us your inquiry.

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